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Energies for
Positive Change

Every patient and injury is unique. At Premier Rehabilitation, we are excited to offer our amazing patients a variety of modalities to live a life free of physical pain.

Modalities used in traditional physical therapy are defined as any type of electrical, thermal, or mechanical energy that offers a physiological change.

Modality options we utilize to help create lasting change for our patients include:

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Stimulation: IFC
  1. This is a common treatment option for patients who suffer from chronic pain and injury-related limited mobility. IFC is also an excellent treatment option post-surgery for pain and swelling control.
Electrical Stimulation: Russian
  1. This specific setting is used after an injury or surgery when muscle weakness and atrophy occur. This setting helps the muscle contract more fully as the patient is contracting the muscle. It is also an excellent modality to use at the same time as Blood Flow Restriction Training.

Deep Heat

Deep heat is another potential treatment for patients suffering from pain and injury. Usually the heat is delivered a few inches below the skin, allowing the heat to permeate the tissues and muscles. Deep heat can be used to heal injuries such as sprains, fractures, muscle spasms, and tendonitis.

Cold / Ice

Cold therapy can be an excellent treatment option for acute injuries such as muscle spasms, sports injuries, and areas of chronic discomfort. Cold therapy is best applied within the first 72 hours an injury is sustained.


Premier rehabilitation has a customized traction table that senses tissue tension and force placed on the region. This allows for the optimal amount of unloading to achieve the highest physiological change in the low back region. Premier rehabilitation owners worked with the manufacturer to tailor this device to their unique treatment approach allowing for the greatest amount of pain relief.

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