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OMPT Difference

What is OMPT? Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) is an advanced specialization of orthopedic pathology. In other words, this type of therapy takes PT to the next level. The additional two years of training required to specialize in OMPT means our practitioners uniquely focus on evaluating and correctly diagnosing the orthopedic issue. Because of this, we are able to create evidence-based treatment plans that get to the heart of the problem – and ultimately allow true healing to take place.

Philosophy of OMPT Treatment

At its core, OMPT treatment is all about correctly and consistently evaluating our patients, which tells us which therapeutic actions are most likely to prove effective. Multiple examinations along a patient’s journey to healing are a key factor in successful OMPT treatment. By doing this, we are able to restore movement, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and correct an area experiencing pathological dysfunction.

Is OMPT therapy right for me?

Any patient seeking physical therapy is a great candidate for OMPT. The goal is ultimately the same – to lessen pain, improve mobility, etc. But OMPT takes a more evidence-based approach which often means a quicker, more customized healing process!

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