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Injuries We Treat

Total Joint Replacements

Have you undergone a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement recently? We can help you get back to enjoying life – and in less time than you may think! We make this possible through joint replacement physical therapy. We provide a treatment approach that uses manual therapy to decrease swelling, improve your new joint’s mobility, and decrease pain to restore normal range of motion for activities of daily living. In addition, appropriate strengthening exercises to improve function will also be implemented to get you back to the activities you enjoy faster! Start joint replacement physical therapy today.

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ACL Reconstruction

ACL issues can mean a lengthy and difficult reconstruction process, but our Premier Rehabilitation experts are here to heal you as quickly as possible. Following your surgeon’s protocol and appropriate healing times for the new graft, your therapist will develop an appropriate strengthening program that progresses to include  running, jumping, and plyometrics to prepare you for your eventual return to sport or recreational activities. In addition, appropriate manual techniques and modalities will be used to give you the edge in recovery and ensure you are meeting your treatment goals!

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator cuff injuries are painful and frustrating, and recovery from surgery can be lengthy. With your comfort in mind, our therapists will help you get back to the mobility you desire safely and within the time frames of your surgeon’s protocol. Your therapist will also ensure you restore normal mechanics in the shoulder without substitutions, which can delay or make recovery more painful. With appropriate range of motion and strengthening exercises, you will get back to your daily activities, work, and even recreational activities in no time!

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Acute or Chronic Spinal Impairments

If you suffer from spinal impairment issues, let our trained professionals create a treatment plan to improve your quality of life and function. Whether it is an acute onset of back pain after bending over or lifting, or a chronic spinal condition, your therapist will use appropriate manipulation/mobilization techniques, soft tissue massage, and traction to alleviate pain and symptoms. Once able, postural assessment and correction will be implemented, as well as appropriate strengthening, to help alleviate or prevent future episodes of pain!

Vertigo (BPPV) & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Are you feeling dizzy or off balance? It’s time to stop living with the effects of vertigo. Your vestibular system involves tiny organs in your inner ear that regulate balance and some visual reflexes that involve eye and head movements. If these organs are not functioning properly, this can result in vertigo, dizziness, feeling of disequilibrium, and balance deficits. Although it can be quite debilitating, vestibular rehab can be effective in restoring normal reflexes and balance through both exercise and therapist-guided maneuvers.

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Sports Injuries

Don’t let an injury stop you from doing what you love. Whether you experienced a muscle strain, ligament sprain, or other soft tissue injury, our therapists will provide a multimodal treatment approach to alleviate pain, swelling, and strength deficits that have resulted from your injury. Our physical therapy experts will help get you back in the game faster!

Work & Auto Injuries

You can’t put life on hold when accidents occur. We are here to help you heal quickly from work- and auto-related injuries. Our therapists will use several treatment approaches to reduce pain and improve function. Once able, exercises will also try to simulate work activities and activities of daily living  to allow you to get back to life as soon as possible.

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Balance & Gait Dysfunctions

When balance and gait issues exist, it can be scary, especially if you’ve lost your balance or have a history of falls. Here are just some of the conditions that can lead to decreased balance and increased fall risk: history of stroke, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, post-surgical status, or recent amputation. Regardless of the cause of your gait and balance deficits, our therapists will work on appropriate strengthening, balance, posture, and functional exercises to safely improve transfers and gait. They will also recommend appropriate assistive devices you may benefit from to help you feel confident and decrease fall risk when performing your daily activities!

And Many Others

Have you experienced an injury you don’t see listed here? Chat with our team to discover how we can help create a therapy plan that will work for you!

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