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Physical Therapy
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Begin your journey to health at our Holt physical therapy location. We are proud to provide premium physical therapy services that improve the conditions of your physical injury or ailment. We understand physical injuries can prevent you from living the life you desire. Daily chores become more difficult, and conditions worsen over time. This not only can lead to frustration, but is often extremely limiting. Our team is here to assess your specific conditions and provide the care you need to return to a state of optimal health.

We don’t just provide physical therapy services – we take the time to listen to our patients, build relationships, and establish trust. In fact, we believe that in order for patients to truly recover and flourish, they must fully trust their physical therapist. When you work with us, we will discuss your condition in detail. This is to ensure we have a thorough understanding of not only your ailment, but of who you are as a person. What is your lifestyle like? What are your daily activity levels? This process will lead to a successful recovery and to building trust between you and our experienced team.

Whether your physical ailment is due to a recent injury, regular wear and tear of your joints, or a recent exercise injury, our team is excited to meet with you to discuss a plan around your health. We understand that just like there are no two patients alike, there are also no two injuries alike. We base our recovery plans on the specific patient and their current state of pain and discomfort. Our team recognizes your needs to ensure you are getting back on your feet and regaining your strength and stamina. 

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Holt Physical Therapy
Holt Physical Therapy
Holt Physical Therapy